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£195m on new killer robots, but a meagre 3% pay offer for nurses | The Canary

I've been writing about the Sackler crime-family for years, as a new generation turned the family's benzo empire into a opioid powerhouse, exceeding the Rockefeller family fortune by pushing Oxycontin and jumpstarting an epidemic that has claimed 800,000 American lives.


After Nigel Farage and the Daily Mail criticised the incredible work that the @RNLI does to rescue migrants in real danger of dying at sea, their donations have gone up by 2000% in the last 24 hours.

Racism comes from the top. Solidarity comes from below.

Thanks @Nigel_Farage looks like your xenophobia brings out the best in your fellow countrymen & women. You don't represent anyone, you just peddle fear and hatred.

BBC News - RNLI donations increase after migrant rescue criticism