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Millions or hundreds of millions spent on substandard product at an apparent overprice from a Tory donor without competition? Who could have guessed?

I spend a lot of time looking in detail at abusive situations where tech plays a starring role: stalkerware, bossware, remote proctoring, etc. But nothing I'd read really prepared me for the tale of @arisevsinc, an abuser without parallel.


Program Manager for #Yemen, Marc Schakal, explains why we are worried about the new US sanctions, and what the risks are for aid to Yemen – and the Yemeni people – if there is not a broad exemption for humanitarian work to these sanctions.

Over 400,000 people have died of the #COVID19 in the U.S., according to an NBC News tally early Tuesday.

US makes up ~4% of the world’s population, but ~20% of the world’s 2 million COVID deaths.

Let that sink in.

Fund trains, not planes!

BBC News - Eurostar: Government urged to 'safeguard' rail firm's future